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Using our comprehensive, fast and efficient WorkCover service, we reduce costs to your business and get your employees back to work quickly and safely.

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image of We offer a comprehensive telehealth service

We offer a comprehensive telehealth service

Our early intervention service enables the employer to have a WC certificate immediately.

We do not sign workers off work or reduce hours without compelling reasons.

Teleconsulting is done on-site so the worker does not have to leave work.

We refer for diagnostic imaging quickly to get the answers required.

Common Concerns for Employers

  • Worker takes several days off before diagnostic imaging
  • Worker takes several days to see their GP
  • Worker signed off unnecessarily
  • Claims go on for too long
  • Too many lost time injuries
  • Poor communication from doctor
  • Takes too long to get a WC certificate
  • Return to work plans ignored
  • Huge costs of claims
  • No consideration for suitable duties
  • Too long to see a specialist

The Benefits

Fast and Efficient


No need for manager/worker to leave the workplace


Rapid investigation of claims by MRI/CT, etc


Reduced down time for employees


WorkCover certificates issued immediately


Fast resolution


Case conferences available


No waiting days for GP appointments with worker off

Cost Effective


Reduced administration for your company as invoice is sent directly to insurer (where appropriate)


Improve health and safety record of your company


Reduced down time of injured workers


Reduced insurance premiums

Comprehensive Service


We arrange imaging anywhere (preferred access)


Nationwide cover


Out of hours cover


Preferential access to specialists

High Quality Medical Care


Senior doctors with rich experience (SIRA accredited IMCs)


Successful and well-established systems in place via Telehealth Can


Successful and well-established systems in place via Telehealth Can


GPs are trained to explore alternative duties always with employer


We do not sign staff off work unless clinically essential


Refer directly for IMC

We work with your Team


Insurer can be in case conference


Rapid management of paperwork - instantly sent to employer


Case conferences with insurer, rehab, employer, patient, physio – all simultaneously



SwiftDoc has become a valued service for our team as a solution to access a great team of doctors at short notice.


The video conferencing is a great service and easy to use.


SwiftDoc are very prompt with paperwork including certificates.


SwiftDoc can refer for imaging and a specialist if required - ALL electronic, which is great


I also like that the hours that the doctors are available cover a lot of times when clinics are closed.


Appointments are available at the time when we need them.


Feedback from the frontline team was that the service was easy to access and use

Money-Saving Business

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Average Cost per Claim



Saving 106%



121 Claims made in 4 months

61 claims

bar with low values

60 claims

bar with low values
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Download the SwiftDoc App

SwiftDoc has a phone and web application that connects patients with qualified health professionals all around the country.

Utilising the latest technologies and e-Scripts, we are able to treat anyone, anywhere, anytime.

SwiftDoc offers medical consultations at a time convenient to the employer and patient.

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Injured Worker Journey

Follow this 4 easy steps to book an appointment in our website or app.

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Step 1

In our website or app, go to book an appointment

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Step 2

Select WorkCover consultation

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Step 3

Choose date, time and doctor.

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Step 4

Confirm. You are done!

image of Case Conference Feature

Case Conference Feature

Easy to allow third parties to join the telehealth consultation

Platform designed for healthcare professionals to collaborate and discuss a patient's case or situation.

This feature can help facilitate communication, collaboration, and better decision-making among healthcare professionals involved in a patient's care.

image of Electronic Prescriptions

Electronic Prescriptions

If an injured worker needs prescription medication e.g for pain, we have that covered. E-Scripts can be sent by SMS to their phone or email or to any pharmacy in the country

image of SwiftDoc - Background

SwiftDoc - Background

Founded in 2015 by Dr Richard McMahon, SwiftDoc offers Australians access to on-demand, high-quality, reliable medical professionals through a secure online platform.

Patients can download the free SwiftDoc app from the App Stores or use the webapp online on a laptop/ desktop.

We provide Work Cover services and general medical services to patients Nationwide including imaging, e-scripts, specialist referrals, pathology, medical certificates and more.

Talk to us

Get in touch to discuss how your business and SwiftDoc can work together to manage work-related injuries.

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